Under the project, a former automotive manufacturing plant, with over 300 acres of facilities, will be demolished and redeveloped.

Marathon president Robert Trafford said the company used MagneGas fuel for the demolition of a large oil tank in Florida and found the gas to have superior metal cutting properties.

"As a result of our success in Florida, we determined MagneGas™ was the best fit for this new project in Alabama," Trafford said.

"We found MagneGas™ to have a faster cutting speed than other metal cutting fuels, while also providing cleaner emissions and overall cost savings."

MagneGas has provided 400 MagneGas cylinders to Marathon and the demolition has been initiated at the plant.

The parties are also considering placing a mobile MagneGas refinery onsite at the project to generate MagneGas fuel locally.

Marathon has agreed to use MagneGas fuel exclusively for 120 days while the fuel is sourced from company headquarters in Florida.

MagneGas is a developer of a technology that converts liquid waste into a hydrogen-based metal working fuel and natural gas alternative.