The company has also filed for additional patents covering its profiled solar tile technology, as well as for international patent protection.

Lumeta’s solar roof tiles directly replace traditional roof tiles to become a part of the roofing system. Additionally, because these solar roof tiles are manufactured in the most popular roofing tile colors, installing Lumeta’s products results in an aesthetically superior solar solution for residential builders and architects.

“My partner Brian Flaherty and I noticed that the solar market had no product that fully integrates with profiled roof tiles – even though profiled tile is extremely popular throughout the Sun Belt states and in Europe,” said patent co-inventor Tim Davey, chief executive officer of Lumeta’s parent company, DRI Companies. “Lumeta’s solar tile products were specifically designed to fill this gap and now constitute the only solar roofing tile available that integrates seamlessly with roof tiles with any type of profile. The products’ aesthetic and functionality advantages are unparalleled in the industry.”