<p>According to SeeNews, Lukoil intends to add 15 new forecourt locations to its Macedonian petrol retailing operation in 2007. The move signifies a significant investment in the Balkan country, where it current operates just one facility.<br /><br />Lukoil is in talks with the city authorities in Prilep, Strumica, Ohrid and Kocani regarding possible locations for its new forecourt network.<br /><br />Meanwhile, the Russian oil giant has begun direct supplying of its Estonian and Latvian petrol stations from its Norsi Oil refinery, Ros Business Consulting news has reported. Analysts believe that the move could be a precursor to an expansion move in the region, in which Lukoil might purchase up to 90 existing forecourts.<br /><br />The news reports come just days after Lukoil revealed a plan to inject $200 million into its Bulgarian petrol retailing operation.</p>