Among the lot, a 256.6 carat and a 137.9 carat diamonds were sold for $4.40m and $4.28m respectively while an additional seven diamonds were sold for more than $1m each.

Meanwhile, the company had recovered a 167 carat diamond and a 122 carat diamond from the Karowe mine.

The company is planning to sell the two diamonds on tender in 2014.

Lucara Diamond president and CEO William Lamb said, "Globally, diamonds above 100 carats are exceedingly rare, yet since March alone, Karowe has produced 16 diamonds greater than 100 carats each."

The Karowe Mine is located in north-central Botswana and is part of the Orapa/Letlhakane Kimberlite district.

Lucara operates two key assets including Karowe mine in Botswana and the 75%-owned Mothae project in Lesotho.