This is the first case where a domestic company exports ultra-high voltage submarine cables to Southeast Asia.

LS Cable connects submarine cables to the 1.5 km segment of the sea between Singapore's northern New Town Woodlands and the southern resort town of Johor Bahru. Singapore and Malaysia are interconnecting the power grid to prepare for power loads and failures.

The project is intended to replace the submarine cable laid by a French cable company in 1985 after 30 years of aging and some problems have already been cut off.

LS Cable, representative of LS Cable, said, "The demand for submarine cables connecting Southeast Asia is continuously growing, and the demand for LS Cable is on the rise due to industrial development." LS Cable, We succeeded in winning orders, and we have a favorable position in Southeast Asia following North America, Europe and the Middle East."

The company proactively proposes solutions to customer issues such as construction issues and delivery deadlines, said the company. LS Cable has built up know-how in large-scale submarine cable projects in the Nordic offshore wind farms and in the US, Canada and Qatar.

Ultra-high voltage submarine cables can be supplied to only five companies around the world including Korea, Europe and Japan. In Korea, LS Cable owns the only submarine cable factory in Korea in Donghae, Gangwon Province.