The newly launched Lowe’s recycling centers in contiguous 48 states will provide all-in-one bins near the store entrance, enabling customers to drop off expired, unbroken CFLs, rechargeable battery up to 11 pounds and used cell phones and plastic shopping bags.

The products, including CFLs, rechargeable batteries, plastic bags that are collected at the centers will be shipped to recycling facilities to process and reclaim materials that will be used to make new products.

Since 2004, Lowe’s stores are claimed to have diverted more than 1 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from landfills by providing in-store battery recycling stations in collaboration with Call2Recycle, Lowe’s rechargeable battery and cell phone collection partner.

Lowe’s director of environmental affairs Michael Chenard said that Lowe’s is always looking for new and better ways to serve their customers and continue to be responsible stewards of the environment.

“Recycling is a simple way to help reduce unnecessary waste in our communities. The recycling centers make it easier for customers to make a difference, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them to promote and support community recycling,” Chenard said.