The contract requires Lockheed Martin and Whiting Turner to outfit the VA Medical Center in New York, with an automated system that uses biomass byproducts such as wood chips and bark salvaged from local lumber yards and logging operations to generate steam-powered energy.

Under this contract, Lockheed Martin will build, install and test the equipment and train the VA on how to maintain the biomass system, while Whiting Turner will be responsible for the onsite construction and integration of the biomass system.

The project, which will lead to the construction of the new biomass system in line with Lockheed Martin’s own biomass facility in Owego, New York, is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Lockheed Martin vice president of energy and government programs Chris Myers said that the company recognizes the critical need to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels and significantly increase clean energy generation.

“The success of our biomass system demonstrates our ability to design cost efficient, renewable energy systems, helping to secure a clean energy future,” Myers said.