State Senator Troy Fraser of Horseshoe Bay introduced S.B. 1226 and S.B. 1227 in February, 2009.

S.B. 1226 is a proposed amendment to Chapter 234 of the Local Government Code. It would allow Gillespie county to set up buffer zones of one mile from habitable structures, a half mile from property lines, and 10 miles from federal or state natural areas. Besides buffer zone, it would also give the counties the authority to restrict the location of wind farms within the county by “establishing other requirements.”

Llano county Judge Wayne Brascom said that Fraser indicated to him that Llano county could be included in the bills as they are revised.

S.B. 1227 would add a subchapter to Chapter 39 of the Utilities Code allowing counties to file resolutions with the state opposing the construction of wind farms in the county. The state would then compile and publish a list of opposing counties.