L&L Energy constructed Weishe mine, located in the Guizhou Province, China has received license for full scale coal production following the clearance of the final safety inspection.

The regulators were routinely performing inspections on Weishe’s shaft construction, air ventilation, safety equipment and coal extraction practices since February 2012 to ensure the newly constructed mine meets various new safety standards.

The initial approved production rate of the mine is 150,000 tons per annum and can be expand to 450,000 tons after additional improvements.

L&L director Syd Peng said the on schedule completion of the construction and safety inspections at Weishe, the company’s first project with Union Energy, represents an important milestone.

"We continue to work toward the effective execution of our consolidation strategy and intend to repeat the successes of Weishe as we seek to further upgrade our mining portfolio for expanded operations," Peng added.

L&L will use its wholesale and logistics platform to transport coal to its end users and earn profits.

US based L&L Energy is a coal mining company.