The initial scope includes a facility energy audit of all city-owned facilities. The project goal is to evaluate energy consumption and develop a proposal for ways to increase energy savings.

The contract includes estimating the potential energy savings and cost benefit analysis for upgrades to mechanical, lighting, building envelope, water, and specialty systems such as swimming pools. This work is required to make optimum use of federal money for efficiency projects in municipal buildings.

The contract also includes providing input into the city’s overall energy plan to identify ways in which the city can further promote energy efficiency throughout the community.

These recommendations include measures for private residences and businesses and public facilities such as management practices, incentives, and other steps that have been implemented in other jurisdictions.

The final energy plan will help guide future policies in energy efficiency for the city as a whole, the company said.

Dan Parke, president of Lime Energy, said: “Cities and towns all over America have a great opportunity to use federal stimulus funds to find their energy leaks and upgrade their buildings. The Lime Energy Consulting division, together with our installation resources, makes a powerful team to quickly evaluate and implement the projects that save the most money.”