According to the company, these 16,000 projects have led to the annual energy savings of over $40m for small business owners, while delivering over 400,000MWh of energy efficiency to utilities, enough to power nearly 37,000 homes annually.

Lime Energy said that its Integrated Services Model (ISM) and web-based technology platform have automated multiple program elements including program design, outreach, auditing, implementation and reporting.

The model is said to help utilities deliver affordable energy efficiency to their customers that were previously seen as too expensive to reach.

Lime Energy’s president and CEO Adam Procell said the small business segment represents a better opportunity for utilities to significantly reduce electricity demand and usage.

"We believe that this opportunity calls for – and warrants – the development of tools and processes to break down traditional barriers to participation in energy efficiency programs," Procel added.

"The success of our programs and of our utility clients is proving that this can be done."