The US Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) has received an application for certification for the small Harris Bridge project in Virginia, and recently certified the Kingsley Dam scheme owned by Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (CNPPID).

Blue Sky Power has submitted an application for certification for the historic stone dam at Harris Bridge and associated powerhouse built in 1921.

The Kingsley Dam scheme in south-central Nebraska has been given a five-year certification pass by LIHI to May 2013.

The scheme comprises the 4.8km long Kingsley Dam which impounds Lake McConaughty, and also a series of other main and minor dams, reservoirs, canals and power plants on the North Platte and Platte rivers. There is a 51.9MW plant and three 18MW stations.

Application for certification has also been made by Brookfield Renewable Power for its Rumford Falls scheme in Maine. The scheme has two plants with installed capacities of approximately 26.5MW and 13MW, respectively.

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