Pawtucket Hydropower, LLC, has filed an application for its 1.3MW plant on the Blackstone river, Rhode Island, to be re-certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI).

Pawtucket’s current, five-year LIHI certification expires on 23 April.

The Pawtucket plant has two Kaplan turbines and generates on average 4GWh of electricity annually through run-of-river operations. The owner acquired control of the plant 10 years ago from Blackstone Valley Electric Co.

In Oregon, the Farmers Irrigation District has submitted an application for LIHI to certifiy two plants built in the mid-1980s – a 1.8MW facility and a 3MW powerhouse. They are located in the Hood river basin near Columbia River Gorge.

The 1.8MW facility has a Pelton turbine, and the 3MW plant has two units of 1MW and 2MW, respectively, and each with horizontal axis Francis turbines. The plants operate in run-of-river mode and are supplied via six water diversion systems involving no dams.