Lighting Science Group, a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting, will unveil its Definity line 9W LED A19 bulb at LightFair 2010. The company said that the new bulb will retail in the $30 range.

Lighting Science Group claims that its 770 lumen Definity LED bulb surpasses the US Department of Energy’s benchmark testing of a 60W equivalency (739 lumens), is 80% more efficient than a 60W incandescent bulb, and will last close to 23 years.

The introduction of the new LED bulb follows the launch of the company’s retrofit LED bulbs line, which come at a suggested retail price starting below $20.

The company further claims the Definity LED bulb contains no mercury and is completely recyclable. In most home applications, Americans are expected to save $255 in energy cost over the life of the product and the bulb will pay for itself in less than two years from energy savings.

To ensure performance and reliability, the new LED bulb will be tested by an independent laboratory approved by the US Department of Energy’s Caliper program, the company said. The Definity LED retrofit bulbs will be available through lighting distributors and directly from Lighting Science Group in the third quarter of this year.

Zach Gibler, CEO of Lighting Science, said: “By revolutionizing the science of light, we are able to get more lumens out of our LED chips than any manufacturer on the market—both foreign and domestic. While other companies are struggling to develop performance LED lighting products we are bringing to market state-of-the-art lighting solutions that Americans can afford.”