Beginning January 1, 2010, when rate caps in the PPL utility area are lifted, Liberty Power will supply electricity to power certain government facilities including city hall, firehouses and fire academy, police headquarters, and the city’s parks. The contract was awarded through a competitive bid process facilitated by CX Energy MarketPlace, an energy management company and a business unit of Co-eXprise.

Ed Pawlowski, mayor of City of Allentown, said: “We are very pleased with our recent agreement with Liberty Power. Liberty Power was able to provide us with a low-cost, fixed-price contract, giving us the budget certainty we need, as well as cost-savings versus default supply rates.”

Originally founded to serve small and medium-sized businesses, Liberty Power expanded and diversified its base of customers, and now has over six years of experience serving various municipalities and federal government customers.

David Hernandez, CEO of Liberty Power, said: “Liberty Power is honored to serve the City of Allentown and welcome them to our family of government customers. We are proud to provide the City of Allentown and its taxpayers with both budget certainty and savings on their electric bills when compared to local utility supply rates.”