Liberty Energy has completed three worked-over wells on its Lockhart Lease in Texas and begun the production of these wells.

The first phase of the five-stage work-over has included the re-entering of three wells and the drilling of 1 well on the lease.

The four wells in question are located on three tracts of land know as the Alexander A, housing 1 re-entry well called the #2, the Alexander B, housing 2 shut-in wells called the #1 and #3 and the Anton, housing 1 shut in well called the Anton #1.

The company has said that the three wells located on the Alexander A and B have been successfully worked-over, fully equipped and are now producing.

The company spent the last week finalizing work to the general site, which included installing new motors on the wells, running 50′ of overhead lines to a well and installing a meter on the Alexander A well.