The new residential module, available in the US this month, creates a system with seamless installation and use, improved temperature coefficient and heightened visual appeal making it an all-around win for energy-conscious homeowners.

"As the solar technology space continues to evolve we are proud to offer one of the highest power output modules for residential applications," said Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA's Energy Solutions business. "We're eager to continue to make innovative products, delivering quality results for our customers."

The LG NeON R is LG's highest power module for residential installation, with a power output up to 365W. Additional features include the highest wind / snow load rating in the industry, flexibility in array design, and ease of installation.

Higher Efficiency in Any Environment

LG NeON R has one of the best temperature performance characteristics on the market, with key design features that significantly enhance output for maximum efficiency. The temperature performance characteristics are important because other panels may struggle if the temperature of the module rises.

The LG NeON R provides consumers with more power than ever before, 365 Watts per panel rating for 60-cells, compared with most conventional panels that have a 290W rating, or 26 percent more power. And, unlike conventional p-type solar modules, the N-Type cells used in the NeON R use almost no boron, so Light Induced Degradation is reduced significantly, maximizing performance and maintaining maximum potential power output for the life of the module. The elimination of electrodes on the front of the module not only creates a seamless visual, it maximizes light absorption.

Industry Leading Partnerships

With 60 years of consumer electronics expertise LG has become a leader in the solar industry since embarking on solar energy in 1985. As an industry pacesetter LG recognizes the power of partnerships, and is thrilled to announce a joint offering for the North American market with SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. at Solar Power International. The package will include SolarEdge inverters with LG NeON R panels, creating one of the most power-dense rooftop solutions on the market.

The LG Difference

LG goes above and beyond the industry standard 10-year warranty to offer a 25-year product warranty, covering labor and delivery for LG NeON R. The combined product and performance warranties ensure the homeowner's peace of mind with the knowledge LG stands behind the materials, workmanship and performance of the modules for a full 25-years.

While the 25-year complete warranty makes the investment virtually risk-free, for the first time ever LG Solar is offering a home electronics promotion for customers who purchase and install panels. Beginning this month customers who place an order for the NeON R solar modules will receive a free LG UJ6300D 4K Smart TV. Consumers who purchase a 5kW or above solar PV system will receive a 49" Model 49UJ6300 TV. The first-time promotion will run through the end of the year, or until supplies last and will be delivered to consumers once their solar panel installation is complete.