The Series 4000 submetering kits, with its exceptional performance and easy installation for three-phase systems, will enable the users to measure and verify electrical usage across a range of industrial, commercial, institutional and government cost-allocation, and energy-conservation applications.

The Series 4000 meters will also provide universal voltage and CE safety compliance, wall and DIN Rail mounting options, and an advanced communications architecture for integration with building automation and energy management systems.

Leviton Lighting & Energy Solutions vice president and general manager Richard Westfall said: "The global demand for building owners to comply with energy codes, responsibly account for energy consumption and accurately bill tenants has given rise to the need for highly flexible, cost-effective submetering solutions across a range of international compliance and performance standards."

"The Series 4000 provides our customers with an unparalleled combination of industrial-class functionality, ease of installation and cost efficacy."

The Series 4000 can be used for revenue-grade applications which need flexible mounting options, voltage and frequency range variances, site-level load size variations, and compliance with 50Hz and 600V appli­cations.