The repowering was done using GE’s wind turbines and GE Energy Financial Services provided tax equity financing.

Sweetwater 1 & 2 wind facilities have been in operation since 2003 and 2005, respectively. With the repowering, Leeward estimates that the two wind farms will have an enhanced performance through the material increase in the annual energy generation.

Under the repowering program, the companies claimed to have installed state-of-the-art technology at the facilities to increase the sites' efficiency, reduce costs and extend the life of some of Leeward's oldest operating assets.

Leeward CEO Greg Wolf said "Leeward is pleased to be one of the early leaders in wind project repowering, bringing new technology to our proven sites for the benefit of customers and communities.

“GE brought new technology and deep project finance experience to make this repowering project work. With the passage of US tax reform to continue to allow clean, low-cost wind investments, we look forward to continuing to partner with GE to grow and upgrade our portfolio.”

GE will also be providing operations and maintenance for the Sweetwater sites. 

GE onshore wind business president and CEO Pete McCabe said: “GE's repower offering for Sweetwater 1 & 2 enabled us to provide Leeward with increased reliability and availability for these turbines.

“We are delighted to collaborate with customers and bring new life and performance to existing assets, unleashing the potential of wind sites for years to come.”

Sweetwater 1 is a 37.5MW wind farm which has 25 of GE’s 1.5MW turbines and was commissioned in 2003. Sweetwater 2 is a 91.5MW wind farm with 61 of GE’s 1.5MW turbines and was commissioned in 2005.

Image: Leeward and GE repower Sweetwater 1& 2 wind farms. Photo: Courtesy of General Electric.