The sleek LED10W-10R LED light contains 10 individual 10 watt LEDs, each producing 900 lumens, for a total of 9000 lumen output. The LED10W-10R works off of input voltages ranging from 9 volts to 50 volts DC and draws less than 9 amps on 12 volts DC and less than 5 amps on 24 volts DC. A heavy gauge pigtail in terminated in a two pin Deutsch connector and an including wiring harness provides a relay, switch and 20 feet of wire for installation.

“We have a whole line of high powered LED lights based 10 watt LED technology that we continue to extend,” said Rob Bresnahan with “However, this is the first time we have a long, bar style format. With a long, thin format LED light, these can be mounted in areas where space is tight or where aesthetics matter, like boats and other vessels. Construction and military vehicles can also benefit from having high lumen output in a very low profile format. These LED lights sleek, lightweight and easy to mount. As such, we see a wide range of applications, where 500 watt quartz lights and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are employed. As we put together more powerful LED lights, like the LED10W-10R, with 9000 lumen output, we are seeing operators of vehicles, boats and equipment switching from high voltage metal halides and high pressure sodium lights to these LED lights. Operators can discontinue use of onboard generators and remove the extra wiring associated with high voltage. A few of the larger LED lights can operate off of the same alternator and battery configuration already available on the vehicle, boat or equipment. With 50,000 life hour ratings, 9000 lumen output, waterproof construction and a low profile form fact, the white, even lighting produced by the LED10W series, new applications like license plate recognition and other types of vehicle and personnel recognition with video capture are proving to be an effective solution.”