Lamboo Resources has identified flake graphite at its Western Australia’s McIntosh Project in a preliminary analysis following the immediate commencement of work after the re-listing of its securities in June 2012.

Grab samples from several project areas within the tenements in the East Kimberley represented separate graphite schist horizons correlating with electro magnetic (EM) conductors confirming the presence of flake graphite.

The samples are necessarily preliminary, though of note is the presence of flake or plate graphite being confirmed in all the petrographic samples examined.

Following this, systematic analysis will be undertaken on channel and auger samples.

The company said areas of outcrop occurring within the geophysical EM anomalies are chosen in additional to the earlier RAB drilling analysis confirming a wider graphite schist area.

Petrographic analysis of grab samples have also reported high variability in the plate size width with graphite mineralization falling within the higher value graphite product values, some exceeding 80 mesh.

The graphite lenses contain enriched zones with potential for even higher grades based on grab samples collected.