Lakeshore Town Council has approved a $30-million wind turbine project, St. Joachim Wind Farm in Ontario, Canada. This St. Joachim wind farm is being developed by Wind Prospect Inc. (Wind Prospect). This farm has not received any objections from neighbors and can be under construction by the fall of 2009. The company has also approved $150-million, 28-turbine wind farm in Essex County. The wind farm at Essex County is being developed by Brookfield Renewable Energy.

The wind farm at Essex County is expected to begin construction in the fall of 2009.

The St. Joachim wind farm is located in north of County Road 42, between County Road 22 and County Road 31.

Wind Prospect CEO Helen Plowman was hopeful about a fall start on the six turbines with approvals already received for connection to the hydro grid and for payment of the power generated under the standard offer program of the Ontario Power Authority.

Town Planner Tom Storey has reported that a small airstrip is located northwest of the turbine project, but no formal objections were received. The airstrip manager, J.P. Lesperance, has reported that he doubted the turbines will affect the airstrip but did not sign off on the project. The actual owner of the airstrip lives in Germany and could not be contacted.

Storey has also reported that Wind Prospect’s aviation consultant did not saw any impact from the project on the airstrip.

Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen recently stopped the Naylor Sideroad Wind Farm in Lakeshore for further studies because of the potential impact on the Jerry Billing airstrip.

The deadlines for similar environmental objections to the St. Joachim project have passed without concerns being raised with the province.

Mayor Tom Bain said the St. Joachim Wind Farm is one of several in town with potential to start this fall. The main holdup right now could be the supply of the turbine blades and towers from overseas manufacturers, the mayor said.

Storey has reported that the province has given three readings to the Green Energy legislation that will give it planning approval over future wind turbine projects. However, the province hasn’t yet released the regulations that will set out the process for public consultation.