During a joint meeting of representatives of the Vietnam Government, the State Expert Commission, the client, Power Engineering Consulting Company 1 (PECC-1) and Hydroproject, modifications finalizing geological conditions were introduced in the design, which were fully approved by the client. Working documents are now expected to be issued in July 2012.

To date the closure of the Da river channel has been completed, paving the way for construction of the main project structures. The construction pit within elevations from the water edge and above is completed. To date the volume of excavated soil is about 13Mm3. This month, plans are to complete grouting of alluvial deposits in dam foundation, carry out dewatering and start excavation of the new construction pit for the powerhouse and spillway dam.

According to the construction schedule, commissioning of the first unit is planned for the first quarter of 2016 with operation of the hydroelectric project expected in December 2016.