La Confluencia is operated by Tinguiririca Energía, a 50/50 joint venture company between Norway’s SN Power and Australian power company Pacific Hydro. La Confluencia will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 423,000 tons per year.

This is the second largest run-of-river hydropower plant registered in Chile after La Higuera, also owned by Tinguiririca Energía and the fifth SN Power power plant registered under the CDM. SN Power already has Allain Duhangan (India), Cheves (Peru), La Higuera (Chile) and the Totoral Wind Farm (Chile) registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“We are very happy with the registration of La Confluencia as our 5th CDM project. This registration recognizes that our power plants will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and positions SN Power as a clean, sustainable and renewable energy company”, said Elsbeth Tronstad, Executive Vice President, CSR and Communication.

The United Nations approved the project’s registration in early May.