L-3 MAPPS has secured a contract from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to upgrade the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) Operator Training Simulator (OTS) project in the US state of California.

Work is underway now, with the electricity-generating nuclear power project completion expected by the fourth quarter of next year.

L-3 MAPPS Power Systems and Simulation vice president Michael Chatlani said the company’s Orchid simulation solution is well-matched to PG&E’s highly detail-oriented approach.

As part of the upgrade project, L-3 MAPPS will rehost the legacy simulation models to modern simulation servers based on PC/Windows technology with the company’s Orchid Simulator Executive to manage the models.

The upgrade project also involves replacing the original instructor station with Orchid Instructor Station, replacing the reactor core neutronics model with the company’s high-fidelity reactor core model, which is generated and validated with Orchid Core Builder.

The company will also replace the reactor coolant system thermal-hydraulic model with its ANTHEM model.

The upgrade project also involves replacing the legacy chemical and volume control system (CVCS) models with updated CVCS models developed with Orchid Modeling Environment, replacing the existing input/output system with a commercial-off-the-shelf I/O system that will be driven by Orchid Input Output.

L-3 MAPPS is a division of L-3 Marine & Power Systems.