Kyocera has said that it will supply 9,000 solar modules, a total of 1.7MW, for the first stage (south-east area) of the Matsuyama solar power plant (Ehime Prefecture, Japan) planned by Shikoku Electric Power with construction by Yonden Engineering.

The plant will combine with an existing installation for a total of approximately 2MW. Once live, the system will provide 2,200MWh of electricity and off-set about 700 tons of CO2 emissions each year, the company said.

The plant is scheduled to go on-line in the spring of 2011.

Kyocera’s modules have also been employed in diverse installations at government offices, public facilities, manufacturing plants, business facilities, schools and many other locations in the country.

Furthermore, up through the end of 2009, Kyocera has supplied more than 50MW of modules for three power plants in Spain.

Presently, governmental subsidies and a feed-in-tariff system are increasing demand for residential-use solar power generating systems in Japan. Moreover, public utility companies across the country are planning to build approximately 30 solar power plants for a total of roughly 140MW by 2020.