Under the contract, Kurion will provide Kurion Mobile Processing System (KMPS), which will be moved around the site and placed beside tank groups.

The system will allow TEPCO to reduce strontium (Sr) from the hundreds of tanks on-site that contain approximately 400,000 metric tons of water, a volume that is expanding at 400 tons per day.

A different proprietary, inorganic and easily vitrified ion-exchange media will be used by Kurion for KMPS to separate strontium from competing, lower-risk contaminants also present in the water.

Kurion founder and president John Raymont said, "So, reducing strontium in tank water stored on-site will significantly improve worker safety and reduces the risk to the surrounding environment."

The first set of equipment has already been delivered by Kurion to the plant’s staging area for inspection while the remaining equipment is slated to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Kurion and TEPCO will work together to improve operations and performance of the system, which is expected to be operational this summer.