The Defense, Security, and Sensing 2009 Symposium opens on April 13, 2009 and will run through April 17, 2009, in Orlando, Florida. The Symposium is sponsored by Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

“The products we are unveiling today highlight the latest major engineering breakthroughs in our display solutions that further improve power efficiency and enhance performance,” stated Michael Presz, Kopin’s vice president of government programs. “Our newest AMLCD architecture forms the backbone for a new suite of displays that consume less than 30 mW at full video rates – even for high-resolution SVGA, XGA and SXGA displays. The design combines our patented low-voltage architecture and advanced scanner circuit. These innovative circuit designs allow the display to be operated with a CMOS driver chip without the need for power-hungry level shifter and buffering circuits.”

Kopin’s new VIPER HMD is designed for the Homeland Security, military and first-responder markets incorporating police, fire, marine and border patrol. The new VIPER HMD weighs less than one ounce that can be easily attached to eyewear, goggles and helmet visors with a universal mounting system. The cabling system includes in-line quick-disconnect connectors for enhanced safety. It also has a universal video connector that enables adaptation to a broad range of video output connectors. The unit is capable of remote viewing of monochrome (RS-170) or color (NTSC/PAL) video.

“Kopin’s family of displays, display modules, high-level assemblies and display subsystems are rapidly becoming industry standards for a broad range of imaging applications,” stated Kopin president and chief executive officer John C.C. Fan. “Because of the very nature of these applications, battery life is paramount and the breakthroughs we have achieved in power reduction are capturing industry-wide attention. These achievements, combined with our high-volume production capabilities, broad product offerings and strong financial position, are resulting in significant interest across a number of end-markets.”

Hong Choi, Kopin’s chief technology officer, is going to present a paper describing the new development in company’s high-resolution, low-power display technology on April 16, 2009.