With 3-D graphic power and dual independent display support via SVDO, LVDS, VGA and TV-out, the new Computer-on-Module is – especially with regards to its low power consumption – ideal for a wide range of embedded applications, extending from embedded netbooks, to in-vehicle and solar-operated devices right up to classic, stationary embedded systems. Kontron’s microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module is also the ideal choice for graphics and interface demanding applications in market segments such as: medical equipment, test and measurement, maintenance, transportation, HMIs for the energy and automation sector as well as kiosk and digital signage solutions for POS/POI.

The Kontron microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module, with its compact dimensions of just 95 mm x 95 mm, is the youngest member of the compact COM Express compatible class of COMs. Due to the fact that it is 100 percent compatible to the type 2 pin-out of the COM Express specification in regards to pin out and position of the connectors, for which recently an official PICMG carrierboard design guide was published, it offers design security and scalability of the highest level plus long-term availability. Additionally, the module excels with its wide voltage input range of 8.5V to 18V so that cost-intensive DC/DC converters on the carrierboard are superfluous. Another first Kontron premier with the Kontron microETXexpress-DC is the new S5 Eco state. This is a highly-efficient, power-off state which can replace the S5 mode. In the S5 Eco state the module’s power consumption is reduced to less than 1 mA, which equals a reduction by at least factor 200 compared to regular S5 state.

The compact Kontron microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module with Intel Atom processor N270 with Hyperthreading and 533 MHz FSB supports up to 2 GByte of socketed DDR2 533 RAM. SVDO signals for VGA and DVI are transmitted by the integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA 950) over the PCI Express Graphics (PEG) pin-out and the module is further equipped with TV-out. Thanks to its 18-bit LVDS dual-channel graphics with up to 224 MB of graphic memory, Kontron’s microETXexpress-DC features dual independent display support with a digital resolution of 1.600 x 1.200 pixels (UXGA) and 2.048 x 1536 pixels (QXGA) via CRT.

Within its compact dimensions, the Kontron microETXexpress-DC module boasts a comprehensive feature set and provides via the COM Express type 2 connector 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x SerialATA, 1 x PATA, 8x USB 2.0 and 3 x PCI-Express x1 Lanes and 1x PCI 2.3, 32 bit / 33 MHz. An optional SSD Flash onboard connected via PATA allows for rugged designs and easy system integration without rotating non-volatile memory. Furthermore, the new Kontron microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module features exceptional vibration and shock resistance according to IEC 60068-2-6. Intel High-Definition audio, an integrated TPM 1.2 for highest software and data security, WakeOnLAN, JRC support, ACPI, Fast I²C, LPC along with 2 stage Watchdog, RTC, and JIDA round off the feature set.

The Kontron microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module supports Linux, VxWorks and Windows Vista, as well as Windows XP, XP embedded and CE. The versatile OS supports the position of the Kontron microETXexpress-DC as a universal solution for a diversified range of application areas.