KLD Energy Technologies (KLD), a developer of clean energy technologies, and Vmoto, a global integrated scooter manufacturing and distribution company, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop electric scooters and motorcycles.

Under the terms of the MOU, Vmoto will be researching and testing the implementation of KLD’s transmissionless, electric drive system into its electric scooters.

The KLD electric drive system, which is designed for high frequency and low-RPM operations, is claimed to improve the performance of vehicles while decreasing the negative impact on the environment by using proprietary approach to eliminate the need for a transmission.

KLD’s motor works in tandem with its electric motor controller and modular battery packs to enhance the performance level of the electric vehicles and increase the vehicles’ speed and levels of responsiveness.

Vmoto, which has recently acquired German electric scooter manufacturer E-max, plans to leverage its relationship with KLD to expand its international electric scooter market sales next year as mass production of the KLD motors begins.

Vmoto managing director Patrick Davin said that Vmoto is very excited about the potential of the new cooperation agreement with KLD as it provides the company with the opportunity to work with KLD’s leading-edge electric motor technology developed by engineers in America.