King Resources has revealed details about one of the several merger candidates on its short list for a Graphite mining project.

The property is located 150 km north of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada adjacent to Highway 69/400 and 10 km north of Port Severn.

The asset lies in the Go Home Subdomain of the Central Gneiss Belt of the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield and comprises high grade amphibolite to granulite facies gneisses.

These are typically quartz-feldspar-hornblendeortho- and para-gneiss with rare marble, anorthosite and basite.

The company said the units in the area typically trend NNW and dip shallowly but variations are seen due to regional and local scale cross folding.

Other short list merger candidates include a Lithium mine in South America and the company said it will soon provide more details on other planned acquisitions and mergers.