Kinder Morgan Energy Partners the owner of Trans Mountain Pipeline has filed an application with National Energy Board (NEB) for the approval of the contract terms and toll structure.

The company will set tolls and terms for the next 20 years, the same period for which nine of its customers have signed contracts.

The toll structure will implement the toll structure on its proposed Trans Mountain expansion project.

Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson said the application to the NEB is about the contracts and fee structure that will be charged to shippers who will move product through the proposed expanded pipeline.

"This application is not about approving proposed routing or construction of the proposed expansion project — that is a separate application that we expect to file in late 2013," Anderson said.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline is operated by Kinder Morgan Canada will file a facilities application with the NEB in late 2013 for the authorization to construct and operate the required facilities for the Trans Mountain expansion project.

Kinder Morgan Canada proposed a $4.1bn plan to expand the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Alberta and British Columbia to increase the capacity of the Trans Mountain from approximately 300,000 to 750,000 barrels per day.

The NEB is an independent federal agency that regulates tolling, construction and operation of Canadian pipelines that cross international or interprovincial boundaries.