KGRA’s subsidiary Ayden HTP Partners will design and construct the 800kW waste heat recovery system at Weyerhaeuser’s lumber mill in Greenville.

The system will recover waste heat from Weyerhaeuser’s biomass-based thermal drying system to generate 4.5 million kWh of CO2-free electricity per year.

KGRA’s waste heat recovery system installation is expected to begin in June and is scheduled to come online in 2011.

The system uses the organic Rankine cycle to recover waste heat from viable sources, such as combustion engine exhausts, furnaces, boilers, and kilns, converting it into usable CO2-free electricity, which lowers energy costs as well as heat pollution.

Weyerhaeuser and Ayden HTP Partners, a joint-venture between KGRA Energy and the ORC equipment supplier, TAS Energy, a subsidiary of Turbine Air Systems, completed the agreement in March 2011.