The refinancing also includes funds from the KfW Environmental Programme.

The project was initiated by wpd AG (wpd), which has already realized a similar project several kilometers away. KfW IPEX-Bank enjoys good business relations with both Enercon and the wpd group for many years now.

The Orlice wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in summer 2009. The power it produces could for instance be used to supply a small town of around 20,000 inhabitants with green energy on a sustainable basis. A tariff system that is designed to promote renewables and guarantees a fixed basic payment, has been in place in Croatia since March 2007.

With Orlice wind farm KfW IPEX-Bank is supporting a promising project in the young market for renewable energies in Croatia. Financing projects for renewables is a permanent feature of KfW IPEX-Bank’s portfolio, through which the bank also helps protect the environment and the climate.