In addition to low energy consumption, the use of LED lighting, which has long life expectancy and do not need to be changed about every ten years, is expected to enable the company to reduce the maintenance costs.

Further, the replacement of the LED lamp, which is claimed to deliver more accurate focusing of the light, involves only changing the LED panel and not the whole system, thereby advancing Kesko’s goal of to be a forerunner in energy savings.

In addition to installing the energy efficient LED lights, the K-food stores will also continue adding lids and doors to the existing freezers, which is anticipated to save 30-40% of energy compared with uncovered freezers and has so far generated 11.6 million kWh of annual energy savings for Kesko.

Kesko Food maintenance manager Jari Suuronen said that LED technology has been used in K-food stores’ signage for several years now, but K-supermarket Torpparinmaki is the first store in the world in which the general lighting is implemented with LED lamps designed for stores.

“The LED lighting of a retail store consumes over 35% less energy than the traditional fluorescent tubes,” Suuronen said.