The alliance is said to be on the back of a recent tour of 32 members of the Tanzanian Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Mining to Kenya’s Menengai Geothermal Station.

Tanzania Energy Commissioner Hosea Mbise told Kenya’s newspaper Star that the development was in the wake of country’s over-reliance on hydropower projects.

As a part of the agreement, Kenya would set up modalities to explore geothermal power and Tanzania would seek Kenya’s geothermal expertise, experience and equipment to diversify its power sources, said Mbsie.

Tanzania is keen to adopt Kenya-based state-run company Geothermal Development Company’s plan to meet the nation’s growing energy requirement.

"With the new deal, Tanzania will meet the goal of doubling the stored energy capacity by 2015," Mbsie added.

The country is committed to develop renewable energy projects at 50 geothermal locations.

Meanwhile, the African Development Bank has agreed to partner with Tanzania to develop geothermal energy in the country, which is estimated to have geothermal capacity of 650MW.