Approximately 3,454kg of kimberlite, which was recovered from 21 holes drilled at the Northwest Lobe of the Kelvin kimberlite, was processed at the Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services at the Saskatchewan Research Council.

The 2013 Kelvin summer drill program has provided an average sample grade of 4.56 carats per ton and included 3,314kg of kimberlite of which a total of 362 commercial size diamonds were extracted.

Kennady Diamonds CEO Patrick Evans said the company has recovered a total of 4.3 tons of kimberlite, containing more than 16,000 microdiamonds of which 474 are commercial size diamonds, from Kelvin.

"The Kelvin summer drill program returned an outstanding sample grade of 4.56 carats per tonne and the winter program returned an exceptional sample grade of 8.13 carats per tonne, for a combined sample grade of 5.38 carats per tone," Evans added.

"These are amongst the highest kimberlite sample grades ever recorded and confirm that the Kelvin kimberlite has both a coarse diamond size distribution as well as the potential to host a high grade diamond resource," Evans continued.

Following the completion of the 2013 exploration program, preparations are underway for the 2014 winter exploration program, which is expected commence in March 2013 and be completed by May 2014 with the results likely to be announced in the third quarter of 2014.