The SRC is conducting diamond sorting and a diamond breakage study, which are expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The 436t bulk sample was recovered from the area where Kennady recovered a 25t mini-bulk sample from the southeast lobe of Kelvin.

A subsequent 19t mini-bulk sample from the less diluted north lobe of Kelvin returned a sample grade of 2.59 carats per ton.

WWW International Diamond Consultants will perform independent valuation of the Kelvin sample diamonds as well as develop size frequency distribution and revenue models in early September.

Kennady Diamonds CEO Patrick Evans said: "The primary purpose of the 2015 Kelvin bulk sample program is to recover a sufficiently large diamond parcel to allow a preliminary diamond valuation."

The company commenced drilling at the MZ kimberlite, which is approximately 25km west of the Kelvin camp.

"The infill drilling at Kelvin is designed to support the preparation of the maiden resource statement expected before the end of the year, and the geotechnical and hydrological drilling is providing data to support the future Kelvin mine design."