Kender Energy has signed a distribution agreement with EcoGreen Power for distributing the Kender Solar engine in the state of Maryland.

According to Kender Energy, the state of Maryland was the first state to have a solar initiative and it is implementing one million solar installations in US. On an average, the state of Maryland receives 5.3kWh per day per square meter of solar energy. Grid-tied systems do not provide electricity during power outages or at night unless they are designed with an optional battery storage system.

Sean Kelly, president and CEO of Kender Energy, said: “With an abundance of sunlight and favorable clean energy laws, the introduction of the Kender Energy technology into the Maryland market is an interesting combination. We are very excited to have EcoGreen Power as our distributor into this important market.”

EcoGreen Power is a solar and green energy products distributor, located in Catonsville, Maryland. Kender Energy is a development phase company active in the field of solar energy.