The company claims that its technology is now sufficiently advanced for applying and receiving government grants for solar projects. These advances have triggered a first application by Kender Energy for a grant under the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

The CSI has a goal to create about 3,000MW of solar electricity by 2016, moving the state toward a cleaner energy future. The CSI statewide budget is approximately $3.3bn over ten years. A total of upto $15m worth of grants for early stage projects is expected to be available under this program.

Kender Energy also anticipates that the subsidies in the State of California will become more frequent for solar and wind projects. The company said that other solar subsidies will be sought in the US and in Europe in the coming months.

Kender Energy is a development phase company active in the field of solar energy. Its present prototypes of solar panels are being developed into a full-scale solar energy production system.