The new test libraries incorporated in KTEI V7.2 expand the Model 4200-SCS’s capabilities for the solar cell I-V, C-V, and the resistivity testing applications, which are increasingly important, given the growing interest in and the governmental support for alternative energy technologies. The software upgrade also supports the drive-level capacitance profiling (DLCP), a new solar cell testing technique that was difficult to perform accurately utilizing earlier test solutions. DLCP offers defect density information on thin film solar cells. Existing Model 4200-CVU Capacitance-Voltage Unit cards, which were launched in November 2007, can be readily modified to support this new testing technique.

The new Model 4200-CVU’s frequency range has been extended to 1kHz–10MHz from 10kHz–10Mz to support the DLCP testing. This extended frequency range also expands system’s applications, offering support for testing flat panel LCDs and organic semiconductors like organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

The continuing growth in the I-V, pulse, and C-V characterization applications has meant that new Model 4200-SCS users who require exceptional testing flexibility and capabilities have been finding their mainframes somewhat crowded. To address this requirement, the V7.2 upgrade offers support for a nine-slot instrument chassis. Earlier, the new Model 4200-SCS had just eight slots to hold a growing array of the source-measure units (SMUs), pulse generation and scope cards, and capacitance-voltage cards. Existing new Model 4200-SCS systems can be upgraded to support the nine slots; all new mainframes will have nine slots.

Price and Availability:

The version 7.2 of KTEI is available at no cost to existing new Model 4200-SCS users. However, there is a charge to calibrate upgraded 4210-CVU and to upgrade existing new Model 4200-SCS systems to support nine instruments. The new, high performance cable sets, Model 4210-MMPC-S for SUSS MicroTec probers and Model 4210-MMPC-C for Cascade Microtech probers, are $995 per manipulator.

Keithley is a US-based manufacturer of electronic instruments and systems.