Kandi Technologies, a Chinese exporter of recreational vehicles, has said that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially qualified its low speed electric vehicle (KD5020X) for China's energy conserving and new energy projects, which means that the company may now market its all electric Coco LSV to domestic Chinese consumers and government agencies.

The company noted that it has obtained the official government approval for mass production of a vehicle after going through numerous tests of the vehicle and inspections of the manufacturing process.

Xiaoming Hu, chairman and CEO of Kandi Technologies, said: “The foundation for building sales of our EV in China is now in place and we are in the process of determining next steps. A major focus of our efforts certainly will continue to be the development of Jinhua City as a model all electric city.

”We also expect to commence sales to individual consumers in China working with distributors as well as by establishing our own distribution network.

”We are particularly optimistic about the potential for moving forward now with the expansion of fleet sales to government agencies, such as the Post Office, where customized versions of our Coco vehicle may serve as low cost, non-polluting alternatives to the gas vehicles currently in use.”