KPL-B, located in the southern area of the oil producing field to the south-west of well KSG 55 and north-west of KSG 62, is expected to take up to five weeks to drill to a target depth of about 1,400m.

The well will be deviated by about 686m to the south from the existing plinth of well KSG 40, with the primary aim of drilling being appraising the S-00 reservoir sands and the secondary the M-00 and T-00 sand layers.

The sixth development well, KSG 63, had to be sidetracked twice after drilling to a measured depth of 956m and 1,517m, respectively and was completed on 13 May at a depth of 1,128m.

Jubilant Energy studied wireline log interpretation and mud log shows and encountered M-00 sands in line with previous expectations.

The KSG 63 well will be tested for about three weeks with a smaller capacity work-over rig, which is expected to be mobilized soon.

GeoEnpro Petroleum, a joint venture between GeoPetrol and Jubilant Enpro is the operator of the Kharsang Field.

Jubilant has a 25% stake in the block through its subsidiary, Jubilant Energy Kharsang while other members include Oil India and GeoPetrol.