Jourdan completed 2,111mt of drilling in 20 holes along a nearly 800 mt segment of Drucourt to validate historical drill results.

Significant interval assay results were outlined in nine holes that included 131.2mt of 0.013% U3O8 from near surface to a down hole depth of 131.7mt (BJB-10-06). The interval includes 23mt of 0.030% U3O8 from 31mt to 54 mt, and 1.2mt of 0.104% U3O8 from 50.8mt to 52mt; 69mt of 0.010% U3O8 from 24mtto 93mt (BJB-10-05A).

The interval includes 20mt of 0.021% U3O8 from 35mt to 55mt, and 2mt of 0.043% U3O8 from 44mt to 46mt; 46.8mt of 0.010% U3O8 from 2.9mt to 49.7mt (BJB-10-01). The interval includes 13mt of 0.023% U3O8 from 12mt to 25mt, and 4.3mt of 0.037% U3O8 from 75.6mt to 80.9mt; 37.4mt of 0.013% U3O8 from 10mt to 47.4mt (BJB-10-2A).

The interval includes 5mt of 0.031% U3O8 from 36.5mt to 41.5mt, and 1mt of 0.062% U3O8 from 39.5mt to 40.5mt ; and five additional intersections of 29mt of 0.011% U3O8 from 71mt to 100mt (BJB-10-03), 31mt of 0.011% U3O8 from surface to 31mt (BJB-10-08), 33.2mt of 0.010% U3O8 from 1mt to 34.2mt (BJB-10-09A), 30.5mt of 0.010% U3O8 from surface to 30.5mt (BJB-10-10), and 23mt of 0.011% U3O8 from 43mt to 66mt (BJB-10-10A).

Emilien Seguin, president and CEO of Jourdan, said: “Jourdan was successful in validating the historical uranium assay results from the Drucourt Uranium Zone. We also increased the surface length of the uranium mineralization from 400mt to over 800mt, as well as increasing the depth from 50mt to 150mt.”

The Baie Johann-Beetz Uranium Property consists of 32 mining claims, including the original 8 claim North and South Claim Blocks, totaling 1,800 hectares (18sqkm).

The property is strategically situated within the Lower North Shore Uranium Belt of Quebec, a Uranium bearing corridor that also hosts Uracan Resources.

Jourdan’s strategy is focused on proving up higher quality Uranium Resources on the Property, as it initially aims at validating and eventually doubling the current 9 to 10 million pounds of U3O8 to at least 20 million pounds U3O8 in National Instrument (NI) 43-101 compliant Mineral Resources, and if successful eventually delineate the Uranium mineralization over the multi-kilometric trend as a high tonnage, low grade Uranium mineral resource.