US-based JouleX has introduced JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) for Data Centers, an energy-management solution engineered to help data center operators optimize energy usage and drive energy efficiency.

The new offering measures dynamic energy consumption and utilization of any device attached to the network and extends JEM’s agentless technology to data center environments, supporting devices such as physical and virtual servers, core routers and switches, storage, power distribution units and other devices and systems.

JEM for Data Centers also applies Load Adaptive energy management technology, based on the principles of conservation and optimization.

JouleX sustainability officer Mark Davidson said JEM for Data Centers combines active energy monitoring and dynamic energy measurement to provide unprecedented visibility into energy utilization and consumption, ultimately driving energy optimization.

"This type of energy intelligence allows us to revolutionize IT energy-efficiency in the data center," Davidson said.

JEM for Data Centers also enables sustainable procurement, providing the ability to compare actual energy consumption of similar replacement devices.

The JEM technology reduces energy costs by monitoring, analyzing and controlling energy usage of all network-connected devices and systems.