Mott MacDonald has been appointed by the Jordan Valley Authority — part of Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation — to supervise construction of the Tannur dam. Located at the southern end of the Dead Sea, this is Jordan’s first ever RCC dam and it will have a storage capacity of 16.8M m3.

On completion, Tannur dam will form part of a new scheme to meet irrigation demands for a 1186ha area in Southern Ghors. Major components of this project include construction of two other dams, Wala and Mujib, under separate contracts, plus north and south conveyor pipelines measuring 28km and 73.5km long, respectively. It also includes a distribution network providing up to 100 local farms with water supplies to serve trickle irrigation systems. Tannur dam, which is to be built over a 24-month period, will feed into the southern part of the scheme.

Mott MacDonald of the UK will be lead consultant and will be assisted by Australian engineers Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey and its local Jordan- ian associate Consulting Engineering Centre of Amman.

Mott Macdonald also played a supervisory role for the Jordan Valley Authority in heightening the Kafrein dam at the northern end of the Dead sea, where the structure’s storage capacity was increased to 7.1M m3.