The new policy will benefit solar power enterprises that have production facilities in the province, which include Suntech Power, Trina Solar, Solarfun Power, JA Solar and China Sunergy.

Suntech Power will be assigned to build 80MW of roof projects; Trina Solar, 30MW; Solarfun Power, 30MW; JA Solar, 20MW; and ET Solar, 20MW. Suntech Power is also among those enterprises assigned to invest and build the building-integrated power generation project.

With the new PV power generating facilities, the province hopes to boost the development of the entire PV industry and form a batch of PV power generation enterprises of competitive edge. By 2011, the province will be capable of producing 10,000 MW of solar cell and panel production annually and its PV industry is expected to generate gross output value of CNY350 million.

In an effort to stimulate the use of solar power, which has a cost much higher than the coal-fired power, the province will build a special fund earmarked to subsidize the margin between target PV power price and benchmark coal-fired grid power price, in addition to the state’s fiscal subsidies to solar roof project and renewable energy.

Currently, Jiangsu-based companies have established 12 PV power stations totaling a capacity of 2.85 MW while another five 4 MW PV projects are being carried out nationwide.