Jereh Group has completed construction and commenced operations of the first shale gas liquefaction plant in China.

Located at Junlian County in Sichuan province in an area of 718,000ft², the plant is being developed in two phase with the first phase, which is now complete, expected to produce 2,470,000 cubic feet of LNG per day.

Construction is scheduled to commence shortly on the phase two of the project, which is capable of producing up to 10,590,000 cf/d.

Jereh general manager Yang Zhiguo said: "We believe this project will drive Jereh to step out for more LNG projects worldwide.

"Jereh modularized Mini LNG project with production size from 200,000 to 11,200,000 cf per day ensures onsite quick construction and better cost advantage."

As a project contractor, Jereh is responsible for providing a solution from designing, engineering, to procurement and construction services.

The company specializes in oil and gas engineering and construction, as well as oilfield technology services and equipment manufacturing.