The plant has been granted permission for the basic design of nuclear reactors and safety features as these meet the new regulatory requirements of NRA.

The NRA will now review the detailed design and construction of the nuclear reactors and related facilities as well as operational safety programs such as organization systems and procedures for accident responses.

Due to receive local approval, the plant will be the nation’s first nuclear plant to resume operations under stringent standards following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, VOA News reports.

Currently, Japan’s all 48 commercial reactors are closed due to safety concerns.

The government has been urging for reopening of the reactors that receive NRA safety approval in order to reduce dependency on expensive imported fuel. It is urging regulators to decide on decommissioning the oldest of 48 reactors, which faces higher safety hurdles than the rest.

Reuters cited Japan Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yuko Obuchi as saying recently: "For myself, I would like to proceed with smooth decommissioning (of some plants) and at the same time the restart of nuclear power stations certified as safe."