Japan Wind Development Co., the third-largest wind power firm in the country, is to build a 180 MW wind farm in Thailand in collaboration with the country’s Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc. The new facitlity will be the largest wind farm in Asia, more than twice the size of the largest wind farm now in Japan, which has a capacity of 80 MW.

Japan Wind will be involved in all steps of the process, from selecting and supplying the wind turbines to participating in the construction of the facility. It will also provide maintenance services and take a 20-40% stake in the farm. The plant’s ouptput is to be sold to local supply companies.

The facility will be built in eastern Thailand. Construction will begin in 2012 with partical operation expected to start in 2013. The total cost of construction is estimated at 40 billion yen.

The wind power business in Japan is currently comewhat becalmed – it is suffering from the lack of suitable land for additional expansion. Japan Wind posted a net loss in fiscal year 2009, but hopes to establish a new revenue source by exporting its technologies to Southeast Asia and emerging economies.